The Sweet Refreshment of York Mint Chocolate


If you are a chocolate lover, or a mint lover, and especially if you are a chocolate-mint lover, you owe it to yourself to try york mint chocolate. This sweet, refreshing treat, originally from York, South Carolina, is no ordinary chocolate and mint combination.
The mint center is an icy, robust, crisp mint patty that is low fat and high taste. If you like a hearty mint flavor that will wake up your whole mouth, York is just that and more. It is unique in that the mint is firm and crisp, not soft or syrupy like some other candies. It’s a mint that you can sink your teeth into, literally, as you enjoy the cool, refreshing taste.
While the mint in York mint chocolate often steals the spotlight, don’t forget about the chocolate! Covering the entire patty is a thin layer of rich, dark chocolate that is a perfect complement to the minty center. Not too sweet, not too bitter and not too much.
York mint chocolate can be found conveniently in the candy aisle at most retailers for a sweet treat or pick-me-up anytime. If you are looking for the perfect combination of refreshing sweetness, try it today and “Get the Sensation”!